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Based in North Carolina, we are an active and enthusiastic group of veterans with a love for the outdoors. Our events and activities take place year-round, all across the United States. We like to keep up the energy and excitement, always welcoming new Veterans to take part. Simply put, we love getting outdoors and we love taking trips to build positive memories.


We know, from experience ourselves, that veterans can often have difficult times readjusting to civilian life after long deployments or upon exiting military service.  Mind Over Land seeks to work with veterans to get them outside to help with readjustment and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow veterans in the great outdoors through vehicle-based adventure.  To that end Mind Over Land was founded by Veterans to help Veterans.  Simply put, we are Veterans ourselves and want to give back to those we served with.  



For nearly 10 years we existed as True Patriot, Inc. and had many different services that touched just a few veterans in the Fayetteville area.  Instead of trying to be so many different things to appeal to a small group of veterans we have decided to rebrand and relaunch with the intent of focusing solely on vehicle-based adventure, also called overlanding.  Our desire is to take the moniker of Mind Over Matter and create a play on words, to let a veteran clear and refresh their mind while overlanding.  Thus, Mind.Over. Land. 

With the rebranding and building of a board comprised of world class successful business people, all of which are veterans or a veteran families themselves, and a new management team, our hope is to touch at least 100 new veterans each year and grow the community by regions until we are reaching veterans across the United States, with the goal of reaching 10,000 veterans in the next 10 years. 

V2 Ina a van down by the river.jpg
CW4 (Ret) Seth Smith
  • 24 years of Service

  • Multiple Deployments

  • Would rather be outside than anywhere else

  • #TacoLife

jonathan shores_edited.jpg

CMSgt Jonathan Shores

  • 24 year Air Force Veteran

  • Still serving in Reserve Component

  • 7 deployments

  • First Aid + CPR Certified

  • Off-roaded throughout US and 30 countries


Chief Petty Officer (ret)

Chad Bruner

  • 20 year Navy Veteran

  • 9 ship + 4 joint deployments

  • First Aid + CPR Qualified

  • Experience rock crawling and building Jeeps

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